VAT & Accounting

Developing accounting frameworks to assist businesses to operate effectively and efficiently.

Businesses that are in the early stage of their life cycle require access to high quality resources which fulfill the accounting requirements of the business. This is a critical information system that needs to be in place to enable businesses to implement effective decision making and achieve their plans.

We support clients who wish to outsource their accounting functions by providing them with retainer services for bookkeeping and financial reporting activities needed to run their business effectively and in a cost efficient manner.

We have worked with our clients to develop accounting systems that not only meet their current needs but also support their business growth and provide them with the ability to run their businesses effectively. We also develop accounting policies and procedures for our clients that are in compliance with financial reporting and internal control requirements.

Our accounting services include:

• Bookkeeping Services
• Periodic Financial Reporting
• Accounting Policies And Procedures


Businesses who need expertise to evaluate the impact of VAT on their company, can seek VAT advice and support from Advisors M.E.

Advisors M.E. offers cost-effective accountancy and taxation services across the Middle East. The team can work with you to insure the new UAE VAT regulations are seamlessly implemented into your business. Advisors M.E. can assist with financial forecasting, including looking at the impact of VAT on your business and your profitability. They can also assess the impact of the new VAT regulations on your investment strategies, accountancy teams and financial planning.

Mohammed Siddiqui is Managing Director of Advisors M.E. and has worked in the region for many years. He has over 20 years’ experience of helping businesses of all sizes across the MENA region with their financial forecasts, M&A options and accountancy processes.

For further information on how to incorporate the new VAT rules into your business in the most efficient way, contact Mohammed on, or call a member of the team on +971 7207 6683

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