Growth Strategy

Financial Growth Strategy & Company Valuations

We have helped many companies to dramatically improve their business performance and enable them to achieve a significantly higher valuation.

Whether you are looking to grow your business by attracting capital investment, or are planning to restructure or exit your business, our team has worked with some of the leading companies in the region such as Deloitte and Al Futtaim and can support you and prepare your business for rapid growth and external investment.


Valuation – Do you know how much your business is worth?

One of the fundamental areas that you need to understand before you grow your company is its valuation.

Yet few companies know their true valuation. Having an up to date business valuation at all times is a wise move as something could happen to you, you may want to take a new partner or you come across a great opportunity to sell. Are you planning to sell your company?

Selling your own company requires a sophisticated deal structure. It is therefore strongly recommended that you seek professional help to value your company.

Advisors ME offers the guidance you need to prepare your company for sale or merger. Our team of dedicated experts understand the key indicators investors are looking up when purchasing a company.

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Growth Strategy – Increase your company value at least by 25%

With a timely and accurate valuation, we can help businesses of all sizes to assess opportunities to increase their worth. We can make longer term recommendations to improve your business performance, and ultimately enable you to achieve a higher valuation for your business. We can work with you and your team to create a valuation that you and your investors can have confidence in.

A company approached us recently to ask for some help in improving their valuation with the intention of selling the business a couple of years down the line. At that time, they valued their company at around USD 25 million, but when we’d finished working with them we helped them sell shares in their company for USD 55 million – more than double the original valuation!

Over a period of 18 months, working alongside the management team, we:
• Suggested a store expansion program
• Assessed their cost structures
• Helped them streamline their working capital
• Reviewed their stock management arrangements

All this created a positive impact on their cash flow. We also helped to restructure their balance sheet.

A contributing factor in creating a successful deal for both parties was a new bonus structure for the current owner-managers, to reward them for exceeding their projections after the business had acquired new shareholders.

We achieved an enhancement in their value and a final deal that both owners and investors were happy with.

At Advisors M.E. we realise that maximising value is a very different concept to simply maximising profits, requiring a more holistic approach, and a little forward planning too.

Over the years ADVISORS M.E. in the UAE and our Saudi Partner MECCO, established in 1977, have helped many companies with their mergers, acquisitions and growth strategies.

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Financial Growth Strategy Packages

By being proactive with a road-mapping process, business owners have better opportunities for long-term sustainable growth. Most private companies have an opportunity to double their value over a one to five year period by adopting a disciplined, methodical, approach to both reducing company risk and increasing cash flow.

By beginning this process one to two years before contemplating the sale of the business, an owner can realise increased profits along the way and secure a higher sale price on closing day.

Demonstrating that you took professional advice and completed the right steps to successfully grow will in turn make your company more attractive for investors.

At Advisors ME we are closely working with you on a monthly basis to maximise your growth strategy by providing strategic board-level support.

To help you sell your business at its maximum value, we also provide support in presenting your business in the best way. For example, our finance and sales strategy workshops can help you develop a teaser pack that will sell your ideas and proposition in a compelling way generating a greater appeal to outside investors.

We offer flexible packages that are customisable based on your needs. To maximise the value of your business, please get in touch for a meeting to discuss further, or ask us any questions, at or call 025515996.

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