CFO Services

Driving performance management through financial planning and reporting while providing analytical insights for effective decision making.

Businesses need to be supported with a strong Finance department to help them achieve their corporate objectives and maximize shareholder value.

The role of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) has evolved considerably over the years from that of transaction processing and compliance into becoming a strategic business partner that participates in decision making and focuses on enhancing corporate performance.

The Finance function affects and is affected by all aspects of the business. It requires compliance with increasingly higher standards of financial reporting and control, prudent management of risk and supporting growth by providing analytical insight.

The CFO is a strategic business partner — steward of corporate performance management, planning, and budgeting; champion of the corporate governance process, providing risk -management, internal control, and financial reporting at a time of great change; and an expert in cost management methods that help the organization become more competitive and successful.

The CFO must balance the cost-benefit aspects in fulfilling its responsibilities, establish a value attitude throughout the organization, serve as a business partner to other decision makers and establish a structure of accountability for results and drive execution, ensure the company’s compliance with financial reporting and control requirements, define the future of the company to enhance business performance and shareholder value, provide a financial perspective on innovation and profitable growth and improve risk-awareness, strategic decision-making and performance management integration.

Despite it being such a critical component for success, many businesses still suffer from inadequate finance support – usually due to the lack of high calibre professionals that are available or, as in the case of small and medium sized companies, they simply cannot afford senior level finance professionals on a full time basis.

In view of this, we offer CFO services to our clients to enable them to reap the benefits of an experienced CFO whereby we closely work with our clients as business partners to support them in their growth and achieve their strategic objectives.

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