Why is a company valuation so important and which types of companies will benefit?

By rosieseldon, March 20, 2019 | Business Consulting


Mohammed Siddiqui is Managing Director of Advisors M.E. and began his corporate career with Deloitte and Touche. He has over 20 years’ experience of helping businesses of all sizes across the MENA region. Here Mohammed explains the benefits of company valuation and the type of companies which will benefit most from the process.

We asked Mohammed, “Why is it important to get a formal valuation of your company?”


He  explained: “Whether you’re looking to secure investment to grow or you have a five year plan to sell your business, having a credible valuation which potential investors can have confidence in, is the first step that is required in the process and this would also be done by ambitious businesses to significantly increase the sale value for your company and the amount of finance you can raise.”

“Typically as a guide you might have a current valuation in the region of AED 5 to 10 million. But with the right help, support and contact network, it is possible to double or triple this valuation by adopting a systematic approach.

“Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) offer a great deal of potential and are very attractive to investors within the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Middle East.” Mohammed goes on to say. “However many of them don’t have their financial affairs properly structured in a way which an investor would understand and support.”

“The team has worked with many companies to enable them to present to investors in a way which enables companies to put their best foot forward and realise their true value.

“Over the years the team has had the opportunity to be part of over a billion AED of mergers and acquisition deals, as the chart below indicates. These deals take place across many different sectors.”

Mohammed wanted to share his knowledge with companies of all sizes so he set up Advisors M.E. in the UAE.

“Advisors M.E. offers strategic financial insight and expertise across the Middle East to help you to boost shareholder value by providing a financial review and professional valuation as well as a strong financial roadmap which will help you to significantly grow your valuation. Whether you’re looking to grow your company, evaluate your capital, consider loans from a bank, or bring on investors, Advisors M.E. will take you through all the financial steps required to ensure the highest company value possible. It’s time to professionalise your company’s approach to its finances for significant future growth and success.”


What is the first step?

“The first step is simply getting in touch for a no strings attached and confidential conversation. You can do this by contacting or by calling 025515996 to speak to myself or a member of the Advisors M.E. team. You can also find out more about our services online at”
Please do get in touch for an informal conversation about your company

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