January 2018

Freezones, ARE eligible for VAT

By addone, January 20, 2018 | Business Consulting Information Legal

Many companies believe that they do not have to register for VAT as they are in the FreeZone. While some confusing rules exist which have led to this common misunderstanding in most situations, yes, Free Zone companies should also register! Officially a...

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Online shopping, how does VAT work?

By addone, January 20, 2018 | Uncategorized

Its the same as for any other goods. If they are sold in the UAE, internet companies now need to add 5%. But many online companies are based elsewhere around the world so this adds complication and they may not...

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VAT has now gone live

By addone, January 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

VAT IS LIVE The 1 January 2018 marked the beginning of tax in the UAE and Saudi. Companies are now frantically working to make sure they can meet the new VAT regulations and prepare for the first submission date. Have...

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How to prepare a VAT invoice in the UAE

By addone, January 09, 2018 | Business Information VAT

The introduction of VAT has presented a number of new challenges for businesses in the UAE, with almost every area of an organisation being affected in some way. Arguably the most significant implication of VAT however surrounds the process of...

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VAT goes live 1 January 2018

By addone, January 08, 2018 | Uncategorized

VAT is now officially live in the UAE and Saudi. Despite much debate, the government stuck to its timeline, and VAT went live on the required date of 1 January 2018 Businesses are now rapidly preparing and ensuring they are...

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